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Return to Ravnica Tokens

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

The Return to Ravnica Spoiler List is now complete at 274 / 274 cards and we will work to get the last few missing images up over the next few days.  For today's post, we wanted to cover Return to Ravnica tokens and their respective token-generating cards - Why?  Because Lingering Souls is still in standard and there may be populate shananigans to be had of course.  Yesterday on the Mothersite, WotC Monty provided a run down of tokens but of course could not give you the complete list of generators as they had not yet been officially previewed yet.  You can get all these cards pre-ordered at MTG Mint Card. Here is our list -

1/1 White Bird Creature Token
 1/1 White Soldier Creature Token
 2/2 White Knight Creature Token
 1/1 Black Assassin Creature Token
1/1 red Goblin Creature Token
 6/6 red Dragon Creature Token
1/1 green Saproling Creature Token
3/3 green Centaur Creature Token 
 4/4 green Rhino Creature Token  
 X/X green Ooze Creature Token
 8/8 green and white Elemental Creature Token

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