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DKA Spirit Aggro

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

We continue on today with developing some quirky and fun standard constructed builds with all the latest Magic the Gathering cards from Dark Ascension. Previously we had showed a B/W Token build with Sorin and Lingering Souls, next we derped around with a Delver Spirit build. (Check out our buddy Virgil's Magic Emporium on an excellent run down on U/W Spirit Delver). Today however, we want to dig deeper into all the decent spirit cards Dark Ascension has brought us.

Don't worry if you're not a fan of blue-white - we hope to make similar posts with the other Innistrad 'tribes' as well. More specifically, we want to make casual decks featuring Diregraf Captain with U/B Zombies, Stromkirk Captain with B/R Vampires and Immerwolf with R/G Wolves / Werewolves. Anywhoos - onto today's post Dark Ascenscion Spirit deck. The draft deck may be found electronically HERE at Tapped Out.

Post Dark Ascesnsion Sprits

38 Spells
4 x Doomed Traveler
4 x Spectral Rider
4 x Niblis of the Urn
4 x Honor of the Pure
4 x Intangible Virtue
4 x Midnight Haunting
4 x Lingering Souls
4 x Drogskol Captain
3 x Geist of Saint Traft
3 x Geist-Honored Monk

22 Lands
4 x Glacial Fortress
2 x Isolated Chapel
1 x Swamp
3 x Island
12 x Plains

3 x Revoke Existence
3 x Arm with Æther
3 x Divine Offering
3 x Oblivion Ring
3 x Feeling of Dread

First up - the mana base.
This may still require further tweaking. The idea however is to have just a splash of black for the flashblack cost of Lingering Souls, other than that, it's open season so fire off your recommendations in the comments below.

Doomed Traveler is the requisite one-drop followed by what we feel is an under rated card in Innistrad - Spectral Rider. For two white mana, you get a 2/2 with evasion (Intimidate) and with the meta-game as it is, loads of players are into red, green, and blue - so we're thinking we could do worse here. Honor of the Pure provides the anthem effect to the rider as well as most other creatures this build will play. Niblis of the Urn provides a decent tap down effect which hopefully will help land damage.

Midnight Haunting and Lingering souls are 'auto-includes' whose tokens will get pumped by the Honor but also Intangible Virtue. Speaking of pumps - Drogskol captain will provide another +1/+1 including hexproof to all your spirits.

Geist of Saint Traft is another spirit creature that already has hexproof and will produce a temporary 4/4 alpha-striking angel. Geist-Honored Monk will help you cash in on those tokens you've been creating and hopefully provide you with a monster to finish the game.

Again - we would love to hear your suggestions to take this build from the Kitchen table to FNM.

Also of note - the folks over at MTG Mint Card has cracked open a few more boxes of Innistrad and has now restocked. If you've been looking for that special hard-to-get sorcery or Planeswalker, drop by.


VergilDante100 said...

Let's see the mana base alone is worth a full comment

-2 Plains
+2 Isolated Chapel
-3 Plains
+3 Moorland Haunt
+3 Island

Spells wise of course i'd want to keep the same since the token package seems to be what we are aiming for here, but i'd cut the Spectral rider and throw in 4x Mana Leak here, sure intimidate is good but we've got blue mana, control that or Dissipate of course will work

Creatures wise
4x Doomed Traveler
4x Drogskol Captain
3x Geist of Saint Traft
2x Geist Honored Monk
3x Thraben Doomsayer

Also consider Gather the Townsfolk for your spell base here, either throw that in place of Rider easily or Niblis of the Urn one of the two.

Sideboard is a bit iffy and i really don't have any ideas for it other then the obvious

3x Nevermore
3x Oblivion Ring
2x Ratchet Bomb

The normal method of dealing with current meta.

Gejb said...

maybe you should try to put there some mana leaks and surgical extraction + tweak mana base. I suggest to:
-3 geist honored monks
-1 midnight haunting
-2 spectral rider
-6 plains

+4 mana leak
+2 surgical extraction
+2 isolated chappel
+4 seachrome coast