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Elspeth IRL

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

From a cursory review of the 900 or so posts here on MTG Realm, you may realise that we have a soft spot for Elspeth, no matter which Planeswalker variant she may manifest herself in. Whether she's giving evasion for an alpha-strike in Shards of Alara or blowing up boards in Scars of Mirrodin, we love her moves.

Enter Christine Sprankle, a California gal who just happens to loves magic and CosPlay. During the recent Magic the Gathering World Championship this weekend in San Francisco, not only was Channel Fireball's 'Fireball Steel' deck getting a lot of attention, so was Sprankle. So much so, that WoTC's minion, Blake Rasmussen even provided a feature article on the MTG World's coverage line-up.

Why ? Because this is what she wore to game . . .

Sure, we had witnessed a good number of CosPlay characters make an appearence before - from the beautiful trio of Serra Angels to that weird fat guy at FNM in the blue hoodie, but we don't think none had make quite a splash as Christine.

Serra Angels

Chandra, Sorin & Lilianna

We started playing Magic the Gathering about a year ago and took a liking to Elspeth after reading the Web Comics over on the mothership. As she is rather crafty and knows how to put together an amazing costume she took it to task to create a wonder Elspeth IRL (in real life).

Christine secured a coarse woven sweater and spray-painted it with silver to create the realistic looking chain mail. She also used cardboard, tape, and craft foam to flesh out Elspeth's armour.

Congratulations to Christine for the best-dress player at Worlds - not even the charismatic pro-player Brian Kibler in his excellent sports jackets could come close. You can check out Christine on Twitter HERE or her DeviantArt page HERE.


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