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Gaea's Buddies

Good Day folks,
We're taking a quick break from all those Scars of Mirrodin spoilers today to have a random look at all things Gaea in the world of Magic the Gathering and our witless comments as to what it may mean to your extended or legacy game. This means any card with Gaea in the name line gets listed here right now (with the exception of Gaea's Skyfolk - that card is stoopid).

Let's go . . .

Gaea's Anthem Gaea's Avenger Gaea's Balance
Anthem certainly more versatile than Honor of the Pure and costs only one mana more. Avenger is sweet in your sideboard against artifact decks. Balance would have been the nutz with that Domain mechanic (in Shards of Alara and others).
Gaea's Blessing Gaea's Bounty Gaea's Cradle
Blessing is awesome recursion. Bounty is decent to thin your deck and set up landfall mechanic tech. Cradle is excellent mana accel.
Gaea's Embrace Gaea's Herald Gaea's Liege
When we first started playing, we had a deckset of Embrace and still love this aura. Herald is solid tech against control. We don't like the Liege unless you have some kick'butt forestwalk critter out.
Gaea's Might Gaea's Revenge Gaea's Touch
Might and domain go hand-in-hand. Gaea's Revenge is something we still would love to build around - want to use this with equipment such as Behemoth Sledge or Mage Slayer. Touch is solid tech with triggering landfall.


Lastly, remember to check back here at MTG Realm often for Scars of Mirrodin spoilers. MTG Mint Card also has their spoiler page up as well.


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Joe said...

what about Child of Gaea?