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Scars of Mirrodin Art Dump

Good Day MTG peeps,

If you were not aware, Wizards of the Coast made a big impression on attendees at the recent Gen Con this past week. For WoTC coverage of their events at the Gen Con Consumer Convention for the Hobby Game Industry in Indianapolis, click here. One very good reason to take in Gen Con is that one would be able to take photos of odd, surreal and beautiful in addition to obtain multiple copies of Serra Angel and the like.

Anywhos, forum members BCGamer, vatechguy (many thanks for posting the pics), along with hundreds of other convention goers, were treated courtesy of Wizards to some amazing Scars of Mirrodin art previews. These are images taken of a monitor showing a scrolling marquee of Scars of Mirrodin art preview so please do not expect the best quality images. Without further adieu, let's have a looky see . . .

Wow -
That is quite a lot to take in.
So, from the images, we can expect Dragons, Elves, Leonins, Loxodons, Angels, Planeswalkers Elspeth (new variant) and Koth, as well as an assortment of other artifact critters.

Drop a comment below and provide your speculation.


Shark said...

Hey, just making sure you meant to say SCARS of Mirrodin, and not SHARDS of Mirrodin.

Anonymous said...

Is it me or do the first three pics look like riggers with contrapitons.

Anonymous said...

SCARS of Mirrodin, not SHARDS of Mirrodin. Great art, btw! I can't wait!

Nicholas Zieve said...


Norm said...

I saw the art on the monitors but my camera ran out of battery power before I noticed the spoiler artwork.

moro said...

The First 3 images shows a cycle of cards (3 of the 5) that maybe "create" something (token, etc). The White Auriok one shows a Myr (only its head and spine), the Blue Neurok one, some kind of artifact, and the red Vulshok one (maybe koth) shows a pyrite spellbomb (kind of).
Then is Elpseth and possibly Koth, and the penultimate image shows a Memnarch-esque creature (big head, 4 big legs and small arms)

Shark said...

Moro's right, the first three definitely look like a cycle. I think they'll be charms, giving different choices in respect to their given color.