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Worldwake Spoiler 12-23

Good Day folks,
Yesterday was a surprisinly busy day here on the blog (just over 5,000 visitors again) with most MTG fans checking out the new Worldwake Art and Worldwake Intropack brochure. If ya missed, check yesterday's post HERE.

In keeping with the theme of Worldwake art spoilers, we have two very cool playmats available from CoolStuffInc. featuring sweet / epic art. These playmats are provided by the distributors to stores based on the number of Worldwake booster boxes ordered.

First one is rather obviously a Zendikar Kor Cleric working some big magic. We will speculate some sorcery / enchantment with protection from black / red.

Second playmat art is featuring that beautifull Angel art we have been seeing on 'teh internets'. Is this the much speculated Worldwake 'Admonition Angel' or another creature ?

ASIDE - We want to thank Sean C., formerly of 'The Guild' and now affiliated with 'The Wizard's Cupboard' for fabricating an awesome new banner using this beautiful Worldwake Angel Art.
And now for something altogehter different . .

We realise that if you have not yet made any movement to acquire Christmas gifts, you may be well and truly farked but do not let that stop you from trying to slip into the spirit of the season. We hope to provide you with some unique decorations for your Christmas tree - - A MTG Tree Garland !

What you will need for our craft . . .
> A Christmas Tree (duh)
> A hole punch
> Some string
> A pile of foil MTG cards

Grab yourself all those foils that have been collecting dust and look for 'Christmas-y' colours - red, green, and white. Throw in some blue and black to mix things up. We suggest foil Bankslayer Angels and Elspeth, Knight-Errants .

Using a hole punch, drop a hole near the top and bottom of the card. This hole is where we will use the string the tie together the next Magic card. Rinse and reapeat. Don't forget to alternate card colours to get the full mana spectrum represented.

Finally, sting your garland up on your tree and wish all of your Magic The Gathering buddies a very merry.
A Safe and Happy Christmas to all.


marc said...

noooo!!!! i want them foil elvish piper.

thanx for all my magic news ive been reading over the past year.
merry xmas.

Lord Helmet said...

Merry Christmas cousin!

Unknown said...

care about the piper? there is a freaking elhsbeth:P

Anonymous said...

I would bet you a foil set of Baneslayers that that angel is Emeria... THE Emeria. Notice the church-like appearance of the windows(aka Emeria the sky ruin) as well as the full-art Emeria angel design in the window. Love it! Merry Christmas to you, thank you for your dedication to the game, and may your site attract millions!

Anonymous said...

ummmm why was elspeth in that pile??????????!!!!!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

first off, that kor chick...smoking. second, i bet her ability has something to do with equipment grabbing. it looks like shes summoning a weapon and its being forged out of the rock there, so im guessing her name is kor swordforger.

Kor Swordforger 2ww

When this deliciously hot betty comes into play, search your library for an equipment and attach it to her

eric said...

hopefully u didnt string the elspeth because i could so use one

Anonymous said...

when will we get a spoiler??? I am dying here, I need a spoiler, please!!!