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My buddy Norm and fellow MTG blogger over at Casual Magic beat me to this but I wanted to give a plug to CCG Tradepost which just recently went live on the web. This site, within a few short weeks has over a hundred members and promises to grow exponentially. CCG Tradepost is a community that allows it's members to trade Magic: The Gathering cards with each other and is the brain-child of MTG fan and software guru Nick Davis who wanted a better way to trade MTG cards.

Although there exists many other sites and forums that deal with card trades, CCG Tradepost is head and shoulders above the rest. Think of CCG Tradepost as an eHarmony dating site but just for cards. When I log into my account (which is FREE by the way), I may instantly see who has cards I may need and what cards I have that are in demand. Nick's very slick database and software wizardry provides an excellent match rate to other users . . . there is no longer any exhaustive searches through countless posts looking for that special card only to find that your collection is devoid of any interest to the other person.

A users at CCG Tradepost starts by comparing your "Haves" and "Wants" lists with the rest of the members on the website. Based on how your "Haves" match up with their "Wants" and vise versa, CCG Tradepost formulates a list of members that will most likely be interesting trade prospects to you. This settles the major drawback of forum trading, having to go through lists upon lists only to find a couple cards that are suitable for trading.

If a member finds another member who seems to have lists compatible to their own, they can choose to initiate a trade. Once a trade is initiated, both members cooperate back and forth, perfecting the lists of cards that will be sent and received by both members. It is a fail safe system that clearly displays the cards to be traded. Once both members are satisfied with the lists and confirm the trade, then and only then, the shipping information of both users are displayed. This keeps CCG Tradepost members in control of their private information.

Another important feature on CCG Tradepost that sets it apart from traditional online trading is that it has a built in feedback system, similar to that of eBay. Once a trade is completed, then the members may leave feedback for each other. A full personal trade history is also available to CCG Tradepost members. This way, they may look back and review what they have sent and received.

To generate interest and get the word out about this great site, Nick is running a CONTEST. He will be giving away three Shards of Alara booster packs to the first CCG Tradepost member that reaches ten positive feedback!

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james said...

i really like this site too. i have to get my stuff together and fill in the account info--after GP LA (talk about mind-and-time consuming).

great write up!