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Hindering Art

White Magus from the boards had noted something odd about Hindering Light. This was something that I, perhaps like many of you may have had a second look when skimming through the spoilers at but did not investigate further.

Here is the card in question . . .

Hindering Light, {W}{U}
Instant, Common Counter target spell that targets you or a permanent you control. Draw a card.

Here is the flavour text on the card - "Centuries of careful practice have elevated the casting of protective spells to an art form. What little offensive magic remains on Bant stands little chance of breaching them."

There is absolutely no denying it, this is sooo Bant. So, what's up with the artwork on it ?

Are those Jund Dragons in the sky ? Perhaps an Esper Sphinx ?
It certainly seems like quite an aerial engagement with Blue and White Magic against Red.

And what's up with the hands in the foreground casting the protective spell ?

Are these the hands of those instant ready-to-serve Goblins ? Perhaps they belong to a Bant Aven ?

Scales or feathers ? Viashino, Dragons and Drakes have scales but are not known for their casting of protective magics.

Perhaps we are looking at a possible Conflux set 'Easter-Egg'. An intentional hidden message provided to us as what we may expect when the shards start to bleed together.

Perhaps Hindering Light is one of those 'wedge' cards that may be can be a team card in Bant, Esper or Naya that had a rush job put to the Artist. Is this an art mistake ?

I should like to eMail this card's developer Kelly Digges, who is the author of the 'Serious Fun' column at Wizards.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely email him and let us know.

Anonymous said...

it's obviously an aven