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Non-Rare Shadowmoor Picks

I had recently enjoyed watching another episode of ManaNation, with hosts Trick Jarrett and Lee Steht. In this episode, released 19th May, they discussed their picks for the 'Top Ten Shadowmoor Non-Rares'. On the whole, I somewhat agree with their selection which were as follows . . .

10 Trip Noose / Type: Artifact / Uncommon

9 Curse of Chains / Type: Enchantment - Aura / Common

8 Prision Term / Type: Enchantment - Aura / Uncommon

7 Kulrath Knight / Type: Creature - Elemental Knight / Uncommon

6 Kitchen Finks / Type: Creature - Ouphe / Uncommon

5 Murderous Redcap / Type: Creature - Goblin Assassin / Uncommon

4 Burn Trail / Type: Sorcery / Common

3 Flame Javelin / Type: Instant / Uncommon

2 Firespout / Type: Sorcery / Uncommon

1 Incremental Blight / Type: Sorcery / Uncommon

- My comments -

In a drafting environment, players more than often pick off the bombs first with little heed to the possible mana-curve skew. Players who look to pick up cards with threat-removal in my opinion often win the game; I have witnessed (more than once) a player drop an expensive bomb in turn 5 or 6 (with less than half his/her life left), only to have said bomb removed from game with an oblivion ring . . . ouch (!).

Shadowmoor, comparative to other sets, does not provide us with many removal cards. To this end, I will suggest another list of cards which may prove beneficial for players so that they may more effective deal with nasty enchantments or threatening creatures.

Æthertow - you definitely want to use it's conspire ability.

Burn Trail - yet another conspire card.

Smash to Smithereens - its like RAID® for scarecrows.

Fate Transfer - move those nasty -1/-1 counters to another more deserving creature!

Inquisitor's Snare - prevent damage AND potential to destroy.

Last Breath - removal and life-gain.

Elvish Hexhunter - destroy enchantment.

Memory Sluice - mill 8 cards using conspire for only 1 mana! crazy!

Strip Bare - shave off equipment and auras from problematic critters.

Faerie Macabre - empty their graveyard of any potential threats.

Until next time, Happy & Safe Gaming everyone!

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