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Eventide Art Spoiler

I just came across these Eventide Art Spoiler images posted over at the popular Brazilian Magic website, The Magic Tutor.

It appears that we have these five creatures to speculate about until the release scheduled for July 25, 2008.

As for this image, the mount is almost certainly a cervin - the deer-like creature the Elves favour for patrolling their havens.
This image bears a resemblance to the Elf Knight card Rune-Cervin Rider.

Perhaps a spirit.
It almost looks like a cross between Ghastlord of Fugue and Midnight Banshee.

Moster certainly a Shadowmoor-type Goblin in the same style of the Mudbrawler or Scuzzback Boggarts.
Appears to be standing over an unfortunate Elf.

We saw this image on the last post being featured on the black/green theme deck 'Death March'

Here is another odd-looking creature.
If you look carefully at the above Goblin image, you may be able to see a few of these critters in the fore-ground.
I think I will call it an Ouphe for now.

Until next time, Happy & Safe Gaming.

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