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Guilds of Ravnica PreRelease

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

On the weekend, we, like many other Magic: the Gathering players dropped over to the local gaming store to participate in the Guilds of Ravnica PreRelease.  Specifically, we went on Sunday to our fav store here in Barrie, Ontario - OMG! Games, because, like Fblthp, we don't care very much for crowds.  The Friday midnight prerelease event had 50+ players, which is pretty much close to capacity for our local gaming store.  

The Sunday morning session had under 30 and was likely much less rowdy and rambunctious.  For Sunday, if you had not yet reserved a Prerelease Kit of the Guild of your choice, the selections were limited to Boros and Izzet.  We picked Boros and whined about the chances now somewhat diminished of scoring an Assasin's Trophy in a Golgari Prelease Kit.  Although the date=stamped foil Assassin's Trophy cards are currently fetching values at just under a $100, we were more than happy to be able to pull a regular one out of our kit.  Quite obviously the chances were slim on forcing colours from our red / white Boros kit to accomodate our singular Golgari card.

Here are the six cards collected from our Kit :
• Tajic, Legion's Edge (Prerelease Promo) : $10
• Assassin's Trophy : $27
• Steam Vents : $9
• Legion Warboss : $4
• Bounty of Might
• Response // Resurgence

At the end of the day, we did win enough games to split a prize and swoop in three additional Guilds of Ravnica Booster Packs :
• Knight of Autumn : $5
• Assure // Assemble
• Quasiduplicate

There were no clear winners in our sealed pool of cards but the seeded pack.  The comments we do have is that we love seeded packs, perhaps because our limited game is not our strong suite.  The other comment is that we did pull two Skyknight Legionnaire cards and we think this did a lot of the heavy lifting during most of our early games.

Most definitely looking forward to the new standard format next week.  When we first saw Pelt Collector previewed, our thoughts immediately reviewed how well Experiment One performed when it was introduced in Gatecrash.  We picked up a full deckset for just $3 and now see that the card is going for about $13 locally now, which makes us feel good about the first few weeks of standard, perhaps in a mostly green Steel Leaf stompy aggressive build.

Happy Brewing !

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