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Nighthawk Counters

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Today we want to talk about a new friend we've made at Nighthawk Counters but before we get into that, you should check out this article on the mothersite.  Writer Chas Andres provides some new items of information of shines a light on some glossed-over points from the Ixalan story.  There have been seven great stories delivered by the Wizards of the Coast Narrative team so far, and we are most definetely pumped when the story picks up again before the next set Rival of Ixalan is released.  Until that time, we can only generate conjecture about the politics of the nations of Ixalan and the potential budding romance between Jace / Vraksa or the unrequited fondness Angrath has for Hautli.

Back on track now -

Our new friend, Owner / Operator / Chief Imagineer at Nighthawk Counters who just happens to live not to far away from my home town (yeah, it’s a small world) is not only pretty damn handy but also a very fine designer.  The MTG Realm playgroup picked up a few pieces of his handicraft recently and have to say we love using these.  

Some of the counters we had picked up include pieces featuring a lovely precision-cut metal tree, skull, sun-burst, iconic blue-mana symbol, and fire.  These not only look great but are handy / functional as they will easily fit within our deckbox to take to the local gaming store.  We are certainly looking forward to more unique and beautiful designs from Nighthawk Counters in the future and wish him all the very best in a KickStarter Project he has now launched to build the company brand.  Please do pop on over -


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