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Happy Friday MTG peeps,

As we head into the weekend, the madness of Christmas Holiday shopping is beginning to reach a crescendo.  Make certain you do not stress yourself out and take some time to relax - MTG Realm suggests getting some Magic: the Gathering games in over the weekend.  We'll be headed to our fav local gaming store, OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario for Friday Night Magic.  On Saturday, the Standard Showdown series continues, which so far, have been a ton of fun.  To find a gaming store near you, pop on over here.

On to recent news which may be of interest.  Recently, several gamers had received this eMail from the Magic: the Fathering Brand Team to participate in a survey.

The survey, conducted by Trifecta Research, provided a number of short questions designed (what appears) to be a customer profile and purchase preferences / habits.  Also included where a number of mocked-up product images where the survey participant also provided opinion -

What had put the MTG community in a bit of a tizzy, was images posted from the survey, which appeared to be from upcoming confirmed sets (Amonkhet / Hour of Devastation), and unconfirmed or perhaps fictional sets named Atlazan, and Conquest of Power, as shown below -

Anywhoos, after carefully reviewing these, we had to lay down on the floor and count to ten to calm ourselves down.  These may be product mock-up images and the next block still yet unknown, but we most definitely want this to be true.  

In a rare move by Wizards of the Coast, they had put a tweet out about this -

Still all very mysterious.  We'll be yattering about this for a while we think.

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