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MTG Monday Miscellany

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We have again here at MTG Realm another batch of Magic: the Gathering news and updates, so strap in and let's go.

First up - Results from Columbus

Congratulations to Tom Ross to winning the Modern Open tournament in Columbus this past weekend witha G/W Tron list.  Jack Kiefer took first place in standard at the venue with a W/U Flash build. 

You can see the full lists for Standard and Modern over at SCG.  Of interest for Modern was a Mono-White Martyr of Sands list played by Lance Shultz who had placed 26th.  On the standard side, the metagame looks to be predominantly W/U Flash, and B/G Delirium lists.  There were however two decklists of note which posted decent results - B/U Zombies played by Steve Rubin who had placed 4th and a G/R Energy list played by Andrew Eales who had placed 7th.  

Second - Eternal Masters Reprint

There is to be a "modest" reprint of Eternal Masters.  Eternal Masters is a booster-based compilation set containing cards legal in, and intended for, the Legacy, Commander, and Vintage formats.  Originally released on released on June 10, 2016, expect to see to see these in store likely within another month or so.

Third - Standard Showdown

Announced on the mothersite linked here, Wizards of the Coast have announced an interesting prize support scheme to improve / boost in-store standard format play.  The announcement indicates 10 'Standard Showdown' prize packs for each store holding a standard format tournament on Saturdays between November 26 through December 17 (for a total of 40 prized boosters).  

Each Standard Showdown prize booster will contain three cards each. These boosters will contain:

• A premium card from a currently legal Standard set, including Zendikar Expeditions and Kaladesh Inventions, not including double-faced cards.

• Two non-premium cards that are either a rare or a mythic rare from a set currently legal in Standard* (Battle for Zendikar through Kaladesh).

Cards from Oath of the Gatewatch and double-faced cards are not included within the prize booster pack.  The announcement also indicates that Zendikar Expeditions and Kaladesh Inventions appear in roughly 1 in 33 boosters.  Not to shabby we think.
Also announced on the Mothersite - Planechase Anthology

This was originally announced in the massive 'Announcement Day' posted back in May which did not include much in the way of details.  Today's announcement however did provide all the nitty-gritty including product image.

Essentially, Planechase Anthology is a product in the Planechase series that gathers the previous Planechase products together in one package to be released by on November 25, 2016.

Planechase Anthology will contain the following:
• Four Planechase 2012 theme decks
• A set of 86 oversized Planar cards:
• A set of 40 plane cards from Planechase (2009)
• A set of 32 plane and 8 phenomenon cards from Planechase 2012
• Six 6 promotional plane cards: Celestine Reef, Horizon Boughs, Mirrored Depths, Stairs to Infinity, Tazeem, and Tember City
• Four slide deck boxes
• An Oversize slide deck box
• A set of 35 double-faced tokens
• A special edition planar die
• Four Spindown life counters

• A strategy insert

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