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Full Conspiracy 2 set

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

The entire 'Conspiracy: Take the Crown' set (aka Conspiracy 2) is now up on the mothersite.  You can pop on over to the card image gallery over here to review, which may be helpful before you start drafting this set when it releases on Friday 26th August.  There are 221 cards in total with 90 at common, 67 at uncommon, 50 rare and 14 mythic rares.  This includes a total of 12 'conspiracies', which add a whole new level of cool during game play.  In addition to this, there are also 12 token cards - 11 token creatures / artifacts and 1 'crown', which 'The Monarch' gets to wear.

With new terms like Monarch, and keyword abilities such as Council's dilemma, Hidden agenda, Double agenda, Melee, Goad, and Monstrous, it would also be beneficial to review the handy Release Notes linked here posted today before we head into this weekend.

We are pumped to get our paws on some of the reprints and new cards for Commander, such as Kaya, Ghost Assassin (being able to blink and reset the loyalty counters), and the new 'Imperial Recruiter' - now in white as 'Recruiter of the Guard'.

We'll yatter more about Conspiracy: Take the Crown later, but for now, we want to draw your attention to our buddy Mike Linnemann's article (@VorthosMike) on Gathering Magic today - 'Easter Eggs Galore'.  When we saw the new Conspiracy art 'Expropriate' showing Leovold we saw a few very cool things hidden in the illustration from artist Zack Stella - namely, True-Name Nemesis and some Moxes, but Mike pointed out some more for us !

How many MTG card references can you spot ?


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