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GP Shizuoka

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

As we are sliding into the holiday season, we hope all of you are happy, safe and getting some time to get some Magic: the Gathering games in.  Speaking of Christmas giving, drop over to MTG Mint Card where they are wrapping up their Massive Christmas Clearance sale which ends on the 27th December - some good deals to be had there.

Anywhoos, here at MTG Realm, we've been working out a new Orzhov (black / white) build for standard constructed based on a 'haunted humans' build taking advantage of a number of cheap / powerful white weenies along with Xathrid Necromancer.  The Necromancer here promises to churn out a small army of 2/2 black zombie creatures for each game - one for each time the necromancer or a human hits the graveyard.  You can apply a board wipe or chump block with impudence knowing full well that you can easily re-populate the battlefield.  Our thinking was to take full advantage and also incorporate sacrifice outlets along the lines of Cartel Aristocrat.
Speaking of Xathrid Necromancer, we want to congratulate Ryo Nakada who had won over the weekend the title for Grand Prix Shizouka with an Orzhov build featuring none other than the necromancer.

We really like this list and will likely modify what we already have laying all over our kitchen table to include some of these card choices.  The necromancer also made the 'Top 5' cards of GP Shizuoka according to Wizards.  From fifth spot to first, they were Maser of Waves, Domestication (wow!), Pack Rat, Obzedat, Ghost Council and Xathrid Necromancer.

Happy deck-brewing - we'll see you at the game tables.

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