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M13 Art Dump

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

For todays post, we open up the valve on the Magic 2013 spoilers tank and have a look at a some of the amazing / beautiful arts to debut in this Magic the Gathering core set due out on 13th July, 2012.

The source of these wonderful images are from which provides a daily dose of all things cool.  In the brief article, several pieces of new information is provided including the names of several Legendary creatures . ..

•  Talrand, a merfolk who controls flying drakes
•  Nefarox, an angry demon
•  Krenko, a goblin who runs a gang of street-thugs
•  Odric, a holy warrior who fights against the undead, and 
• Yeva, an elf with a strong bond with nature.

Also mentioned in the article is that a "few of these characters call the plane of Ravnica home".  Here are the rest of the images from the site :
A reminder . . .
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