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Mirrodin or Phyrexia

Happy Thursday MTG fans,

Today on Magic Arcana, Monty dropped quite the announcement . . it was a revelation about the third set in the Scars of Mirrodin block which has players everywhere speculating. The first set in this block was of course Scars of Mirrodin, followed by Mirrodin Besieged (to be released on February 4th, 2011) and finally the third set, code named 'Action' to be released on 13th May, 2011 with 175 cards.

The bomb announced today that the third set will be called either Mirrodin Pure OR New Phyrexia. Which ever it will be, we are certain there is good gaming ahead. As there is still a war on-going on the plane of Mirrodin, Wizards has not yet announced which side will be victorious yet which is really good marketing in our opinion. Speculation is now rampant with some conjecturing that there may be two 'mini-sets' to two different sets already developed simply awaiting player feedback to decide. Furthermore, Wizards injected a dose of obfuscation by trade marking both names - very smart indeed. To check out the formal announcement on the mothership, click here.

Set Info: Mirrodin Pure / New Phyrexia
Number of Cards 175
Release Date May 13, 2011
Prerelease Events May 6, 2011
Launch Parties May 13-15, 2011

Design Team: Ken Nagle (lead), Dave Guskin, Joe Huber, Matt Place, Mark Rosewater
Development Team: Aaron Forsythe (lead), Dave Guskin, Zac Hill, Tom LaPille, Erik Lauer

Some thinking (or blogging) out loud . . .

Scars of Mirrodin delivered 249 cards of which there were 184 Mirran aligned cards and 41 Phyrexian aligned cards. Some popular speculation on the forums indicate a relatively even split of the two factions in Mirrodin Besieged set of 155 cards in order to set up the 'coin flip' in the last set. This may mean that in Mirrodin Besieged we might see about 143 Phyrexian cards and 32 Mirran cards. Having said that, we're rather glad to have out deckset of Putrefax and Hands of the Praetors.

Something also to note is the two new Mirrodin Pure / New Phyrexia arts spoiled / previewed. Some players believe we may expect new versions of Platinum Angel (fabricated with the indestructible darksteel) and alien-esque Phyrexian Negator.

And finally of note -

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