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Alara Art Spoiler 2

~For you spoiler nutters, we have for you another installment featuring art from the next MTG set 'Shards of Alara'. Let's get straight to it . . .

Our first set of images are from premium gaming supplier UltraPro.
In deck boxes, we have the side-loaders featuring the w/u/b Mindwright Mage from the Esper Realm and another creature that has yet to be identified. For the top loading deck boxes, we have feature art for the r/g/w Ajani Vengeant from the Naya Realm and the u/b/r Sarkhan Vol from the Grixis Realm.

In portfolios, we have the following;
Another Ajani Vengeant from the Naya Realm, the very goth Vein Drinker from Grixis, and two more yet-to-be-identified critters, also from Grixis.

Lastly, we have a very lovely playmat featuring Empyrial Archangel most likely from the g/w/u realm of Bant.
Next we have a series several card art images (with names!), all of which with the exception of Ranger of Eos, were possibly leaked from an eastern European distributor.

Ajani Vengeant - Naya Realm. This most certainly appears to be a form of the visiting Planeswalker Ajani Goldmane.

Here is Akrasan Squire from the Bant Realm.

Archdemon appears to have several extra mouths to feed here.

Battlegrace Angel looks to be a close friend of the Empyrial Archangel shown on the playmat above.

Caldera Hellion seems a perfect fit for the b/r/g realm of Jund.

Godsire, likely from Naya, is an Orthodontist's worst nightmare.

Predator Dragon, possibly from Jund likes his lunch burnt to a crisp.

Speaking of crispy critters, the Predator Dragon art also provides clues for another creature we may expect. These appear to be additional wolf-like inhabitants from Naya.

Ranger of Eos, again from Bant, was spoiled by MaRo while answering fan mail.

The heavily armoured dude, with critter side-kicks is none other than French Pro Antoine Ruel.

Mindwright Mage, a wizard from Esper is our final art image spoiler. From the looks of her filigree appendage, she is quite likely advanced in her magic arts.

Drop by soon for the next post, when we will take a more in-depth look at all of the 5 shards / realms of Alara.

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