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Lorwyn Primer

Lorwyn is a recent block released by Wizards of the Coast in October, 2007. Morningtide will be the second and final set of Lorwyn block to be released with much anticipation on February 1, 2008. Here is a short video from Wizards of the Coast (WoTC) promoting the new expansion block for Lorwyn - The Lorwyn set has a tribal theme, focusing heavily on creature subtypes, revolving around primarily the eight creature types listed below. Each of these eight creature types appear in two (or more) colors. One color is the primary color and the other(s) are secondary colors. ~ The eight creature types are: elf, kithkin, goblin, merfolk, elemental, giant, treefolk, and faeries. Another significant creature type is shapeshifters, which are all creature types (at all times).

Creature subtype: Merfolk Tribe name: Merrow Primary Color: Blue Secondary Color(s): White Creature subtype:

Creature subtype:Goblins
Tribe name: Boggart
Primary Color: Black
Secondary Color(s): Red

Creature subtype:Elves
Tribe name: Elves
Color: Green

Secondary Color(s): Black
Creature subtype:

Creature subtype:Kithkin
Tribe name: Kithkin

Primary Color: White

Secondary Color(s): Green

Creature subtype:Elementals
Tribe name: Flamekin (in red)/Elemental Incarnations (all)

Primary Color: Red

Secondary Color(s): (all colours)

Creature subtype: Faeries
Tribe name: Fae
Primary Color: Blue
Secondary Color(s): Black

Creature subtype: Giants
Tribe name: Giants
Primary Color: Red Secondary Color(s): White

Creature subtype: Treefolk
Tribe name: Treefolk
Primary Color: Green
Secondary Color(s): Black & White

A great way for a beginner to 'get into the game' to to buy and play a pre-constructed deck (or 'Pre-Con') which, as the name hints is a pre-set selection of cards that are chosen becauase they complement each other and share a similar theme. Most of these decks are typically weighted equally in that when played against each other they often have similar rates of success. The themes in the Lorwyn set are provided below with the flavour text from the promotions. When playing the “Boggart Feast” deck, you’re running a raucous warren of expendable, accident-prone Goblins. Enjoy the sadistic delight of offing your own creatures for fun and profit, since that’s what Facevaulter, Tar Pitcher, and Fodder Launch do. But have no fear—there are always more Goblins! Boggart Birth Rite and Warren Pilferers yank your critters back from the grave, and Marsh Flitter and Boggart Mob put Goblin tokens into play.
Protect the meadow! The key to the “Kithkin Militia” deck is that Kithkin are quick, furious fighters. Play out as many as you can as early as you can and put your opponent on the defensive. Goldmeadow Harrier and Oblivion Ring can remove any tricky obstacles from your path so your Kithkin can keep attacking. And if the ground gets too congested with blockers, Cloudgoat Ranger and Kinsbaile Balloonist will take the fight to the skies.
Merfolk are slippery creatures, and you’ll use that to your advantage in the “Merrow Riverways” deck. Plenty of Merfolk, like Streambed Aquitects and Silvergill Douser, have abilities that cause them to tap. Others, like Drowner of Secrets, let you tap any of your Merfolk. Combine them with cards that untap your Merfolk, such as Merrow Commerce and Stonybrook Angler, and you’ll start swimming circles around your opponent. With the “Elementals’ Path” deck, you can embrace your inner fire! This five-color deck is mostly red cards, but it has enough cards of the other colors that your opponents will never know what’s coming! The deck’s lands and artifacts give you access to any color of mana you need.
I hope to cover off in the next post what each of the theme decks may hold as well as the interesting synergies which exist between the cards themselves. This in not a promise however as I may be caught up with the excitement of the upcoming Morningtide launch parties to take place during February 1-3, 2008. Until next time, keep playing magic . . .


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