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Double Explore

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Some interesting things to discuss.  Since Rivals of Ixalan was released, the MTG Realm play group has pulled a deckset of Jadelight Rangers.  As you may know, this Merfolk has a CMC of 3 (1GG) for a 2/1 body but 'Explores' twice.  

Nope - that was not a stutter - it explores twice, which reminds us of Yosemite's HungerBear (Double Rainbow guy) appreciating the prismatic doubleness.

Did you just stutter ?
Jadelight Ranger, illustrated by Jason Rainville

One of our favourite Magic: the Gathering lists in standard before it rotated out was Hardened Scales.  We would LOVE to get this band back together again with Jadelight for some casual kitchen table fun.  For standard FNM play however, we had not anticipated building with the card for a number of reasons - it had become a rather popular card and in tandem, the price had matched the demand. 

Price is not a consideration now that we have our copies (we also want some for a a Commander build with Prime Speaker Zegana).  Where to start however ?  The best synergies is likely paired with Winding Constrictor for double (double) the fun for a explore / +1/+1 counter theme.  We do love our themes, perhaps an unhealthy volume as we normally defer to theme over the competitive-ness of a list.

Anywhoos, we have rough-draft distilled a core to include the following - 

• Shadowed Caravel
• Jadelight Ranger
• Merfolk Branchwalker
• Seekers' Squire
• Wildgrowth Walker
• Winding Constrictor

We'll be spending the weekend with a coffee / tea and touching a whole lotta cardboard while the winter storm blows outside.  Sounds great to us.

Should you have suggestions with Jadelight, drop a comment  or a link to your list below.

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